Boa Mistura: See yourself through this water poem.




Four perspectives and ten prisms

it's the only thing that Boa Mistura needed to transform a central square in Logroño at the Concentric festival

with one of its new installations.


It is a forest of prisms with a triangular base on a grid of hexagons. Depending on where you stand, they open

up to the city attracting new eyes

or they become opaque generating

a screen.


We start from the verse of Poem 6

of the Riojan poet Enrique Cabezón (Logroño, 1976) that reads:

"Look at yourself through this water poem" and that, broken down into four parts, can only be read at specific points traveling around the perimeter

the installation.


Each part of the verse mixes

with the others generating different colored geometric compositions.

It is a work conceived to enter

it and discover it, losing the perception of the place you are standing at.