Intersticial Park


Interstitial park is a park

cultural located in the municipality

with the highest density in the city

Caracas, through the organized

community develops an urban infrastructure self-sustaining

and driven by the urban cultural

force of the sector. A project

of almost one hectare, with five

buildings, called NAVES, which feed

back into each other, each with

a specific use of different soil.

NAVE 1 where they take place administrative programs

and production, NAVE 2 where

production centers are located

artistic, NAVE 3 in which they

are projected to develop urban

events and spaces for civic cultural training, NAVE 4 of housing the artist

and NAVE 5 as the building

that provides support in service

issues to the other ships.

In each one of them common

spaces are projected that allow

the meeting of the community

throughout the area from the park.

Project with recognitions in

Biennials of Architecture.